Sales People Make Money!

Watch the video to find out the 5 reasons as to why you should get into sales!

Salespeople in Florida make, on the average, $57,244 pa

We will train and certify you to be a salesperson!

If you want to be a salesperson and have a new career in sales, then join one of our 4 sales training venues today and learn:

1) To understand the 9 reasons people buy.
2) To know the 2 factors that will make people buy from YOU and not your competitor.
3) To know how to calculate the VALUE of a product or service.
4) To learn of the 19 VERBAL buying signals by a prospect.
5) To know the 15 PHYSICAL buying signals by a prospect.
6) To list the 5 different presentations a salesperson can make.
7) To know the 5 reasons why a prospect will NOT buy.
8) How to how to handle each of these 17 objections prospects can throw at you.
9) To know the 53 closing statements you can use to close the deal!
The course assumes you never sold anything in your life!

Who will benefit from this sales training workshop?

1) The average persons who want to get a better paying career than what they are in now.
2) A business owner who is weak on closing. Learn how to sell and do it yourself!
3) A salesperson who needs a refreshing course in sales and who wants to sharpen his/her sales skills.
4) Business owners and/or managers who want to either start a sales force or need to improve the sales abilities of their salespeople.
5) The younger generation who have not gone to college and are now stuck at low paying entry level minimum wage jobs. Sales is the only career you can get into and make good money without the need to have a college degree!
6) Seniors who want to get back into the workforce and need a new interesting money making career and work part or full time.
7) Homemakers who want a well paying part time job to augment their household incomes.

It is our view that the sales people are the most important in any company!

Without sales, businesses will grind to a halt. The salespersons are vital to any company. That is why they are in high demand. Check out all classified websites (such as Indeed, Monster, etc.) and you will find that the listings posted under SALES are the most. Everyone wants to hire a good salesperson and will pay a lot for him or her.

We offer you 4 different ways to learn sales!

For only $50, you can order our sales training course which you can study at home at your convenience. Included in the course is a written open book exam that you can take, once you have finished studying the course, and submit the exam to us. Once it is corrected and you pass it, we will mail you a Certificate of Completion that you can present to prospective employers.

We will conduct a sales training workshop for a business at their office or owner’s home. It will be a full day from 10 am to 5 pm. We charge $300 for the day for up to 3 attendees. If you have more than 3 people that need to attend, those over the initial 3 will be charged $75 each.

So if you have, for example, 5 people that need to attend. The first 3 will cost you $300. The next 2 will cost you $75 each x 2 = $150. The total for the 5 attendees will be $450. We will provide a 40+ page sales manual for each attendee. The client needs to provide refreshments (coffee, sodas, snacks, etc.). We will take a 45 minute lunch break at Noon and regular 10 minute breaks during the day. The use of cell phone during the training will be strictly forbidden as we have experienced that everyone attending will be distracted when one cell phone rings.

We conduct a public sales training workshop at a meeting room in a local hotel or at a restaurant. It runs on a Saturday from 10 am to 5/6 pm with a break for lunch. Lunch in the form of deli sandwiches and soda with other refreshments like coffee and cold water are provided by us free of charge. Plus we supply each attendee with a copy of our sales training manual. We usually book it 4 weeks in advance to ensure we get a minimum of 10 attendees to ensure we meet our financial obligation to the hotel or restaurant (for the rental of their venue, lunch, refreshments, etc.).

We charge $125 per attendee. For couples (husband and wife or partners) the fee will be $100 each. If you have a group of 5 plus, we will charge $75 pp. All attendees pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 on signing up and the other balance on the day of the training in the form of cash, check or credit card. If we end up not running the workshop because of the low interest in it, we will refund you the $50 deposit.

4) A WEBINAR ON LINE: Coming in the future.

What will our sales training workshop cover?

To order a home study sales training course:

All sales are final


The price of the 40 page printed manual, which is bound and mailed by PRIORITY mail to you, is US$50. This includes the written exam, grading it and emailing you the Certificate of Completion once you pass the exam. This price includes shipping of the 40-page manual by PRIORITY mail within the USA.
For Canadian and international orders, add $15 to send it by PRIORITY international mail to your address, making the total US$65. You can order right now via Paypal below or mail us a personal or business check (issued on a US-based bank), money order or cash to:
Florida Marketing Center
18097 41st Road N.
Loxahatchee, FL.33470. USA.

To order the home study sales training course using Paypal:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! ALL SALES ARE FINAL! ALL SALES ARE FINAL! To order a privately conducted sales training workshop:

Contact Al, the Manager of Florida Marketing Center, 7 days a week 9 am to 9 pm via phone or email to set up an appointment for a face to face meeting at your office or home to discuss the private training you want and to finalize the order. Al’s contact info is:
Phone: Florida, USA 561-252-7955 • Email:

To join a publicly conducted sales training workshop:

Contact Al, the Manager of Florida Marketing Center, 7 days a week 9 am to 9 pm via phone or email to find out when the next date, date time and place of the publicly conducted sales training will happen and how to sign up if you are interested in joining.
Phone: Florida, USA 561-252-7955 • Email:

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